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April - May 2015 : BVI - St Martin

Les petites antilles

Les îles vierges

Categorie voyage The British Virgin Islands - 04/22/15 au 05/15/15

Le drapeau usvi

We leave the USVI for the BVI.
The British Virgin Islands are british since 1672.

Jost Van Dyke - 04/21/15 au 04/25/15

First stop at Great Harbour on Jost Van Dyke to do the papers.

The mooring is not so beautiful so we decide to go a little further and we stop in front of Sandy Spit. The small island is beautiful with white sand and some small trees at the top. We stay some days here.

Sandy Spit Vue de Sandy

Again and again we have seeweeds on the hull, the keel and the rudder to remove.

Louise gratte Loïc gratte Maël gratte

We also celebrate Lucie's birthday. She prepares a lemon curd pie.

Anniv Lucie 1 Anniv Lucie 2 Anniv Lucie 3 Les 3

The first day is quiet but then the wind changes and big waves break on the coral reef.
The kids see that Angélus is here too. We quickly met them in Rabat (Marroco). It is good to have friends to play with!

A la plage de Sandy Lucie et Louise Les vagues Copains

Islands south of Tortola - 04/25/15 au 04/30/15

First stop of these island in Norman Island where Robert L. Stevenson might have be inspired to write Treasure Island.
We also stop at the Indians for a beautiful snorkeling.

Indians 1 Indians 2 Indians 3 Indians 4

Indians 5 Indians 6 Indians 7 Grotte

Then a stop in Deadmans's Bay on Peter Island.
Angélus s already there and we meet Ben who is traveling alone on his First 32 Farouba Voile.

A good catch with 3 lobsters!!! Just delicious!

Cigale Langouste Dîner pêché La patte

We have to finish the school before crossing back. The kids play in the boat, in the water, we walk on the island, go fishing... Maël built a small Mariposa.

Plage 1 Plage 2 Mini mariposa 1 Mini mariposa 2

Fleur Lucie saute Maël saute Louise saute

Peter Island Les palmiers

Virgin Gorda - 05/01/15 - 05/02/15

We go to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda in order to do some groceries.
Great, Louise can bake again!

Vaisselou Louise cuisine Le jeu des moutons Coucher de soleil

Early in the morning around 6:30 we go visiting the famous "Baths". It's a national parc with natural pools surrounded by big rocks.
It is good to arrive early, there is too many people.
The walk is really nice.

Baths 1 Baths 2 Baths 3 Baths 4

Baths 5 Baths 6 Baths 7 Baths 8

Then we go mooring not so far in Savannah bay, norther. We have to be careful with the coral reef.
Ben of Farouba voile comes also and invites us for the lunch. We spend a good time together.

Ben 1 Ben 2 Ben 3

At night Louise makes some "paes de queijo".

Savannah 2 Savannah 2 Savannah 3

Anegada - 05/03/15 - 05/06/15

We decide to visit Anegada, an island situated 20 milles north-west of Virgin Gorda.
Anegada is a flat island surrounded by a coral reef. 350 inhabitants are living there, most of them are fishermen.
It is four hours of navigation.

Louise barre Maël barre Sargasse

We arrive at Horse Shoe Reef, the water is turquoise.
We moore by 3,5 meters. We are alone, the landscape is just amazing!
In the afternoon, some snorkeling and the next day, Maël and Loïc are exploring wreck (there are a lot here).

Horse Shoe Epave 1 Epave 2

Then we go to the west part of the island at Pomato Point. It is still really quiet.
We have to finish school these days.

En ciseaux Lucie en classe Pomato Point Le repas

Sur la plage Sur la route Setting Point Les filles

BVI 2 with Méléos - 05/07/15 - 05/14/15

First a stop in front of Prickly Pear north of Virgin Gorda in Gorda Sound.
Then back to Spanish Town to go for some groceries and wait for our friends.

Thanks to Méléos we can stay a little longer in the Virgin Islands because Méléos brings us Florence, Loïc's cousin from St Martin.

Une barge Les bricoleurs 1 Les bricoleurs 2 Méléos

Then we go back to the "Baths" with everybody.
Eric and Catherine, Marine's parents are also with us.

Baths 1 Baths 2 Baths 3 Baths 4

With Méléos, we sail, we go snorkeling.
The kids are playing a lot, backing, collecting shells, jumping in the water, making sleep-overs. Cuisinières Coquillages Coquillages Elea et Lucie Mini Mariposa

Midi Crapettes Brioche Cane garden

Our stops :

Aquarium Champs de coraux Filet de pêche Raie léopard

Usually we spend the diner the 12 of us together (4 Méléos + Eric & Catherine, 5 Mariposa + Florence) on time on Méléos and another on Mariposa.

At Great Harbour, Loïc and Seb came back with 2 lobsters!!! Les langoustes Les pêcheurs La bisque Tous à table

Sortie du four Après Anniv Seb

Pain Killer 1 Pain Killer 2 Soirée from' Maël sur la bôme

Categorie voyage St Martin - 05/15/15 au 05/27/15

Le drapeau

Back to St Martin - 05/15/15 - 05/17/15

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Lucie dort Loïc dort Maël dort

Mooring Marigot Bay - 05/17/15 au 05/24/15

Au revoir Flo Lucie carène Loïc carène

Achat de livres Etoile de mer Lucie bricole Le paddle

Marina Fort Louis - 05/24/05/15 - 05/27/15