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And the kids, what are they thinking... ?

Categorie voyage Lucie

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"A boat trip, great ! I am lucky !!! Homeschooling with mom and dad, and dad will be here all the time : awesome, no ??! I AM REALLY IMPATIENT TO BE ON THE BOAT !!!!"

Categorie voyage Maël

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"Hello, how are you ?... Wait... I start again... So 3...2...1...0 !
Hello I am Maël !
I think it's a huge experience to go sailing for a long time. I am really impatient !!! Bye !"

Categorie voyage Louise

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"It's so hard to choose between between my friends and sailing, the island, the tropical climate. Leaving my friends it's hard. I wonder if it is good to go and leave my friends...
But the turquoise water attracts me... The palm trees, the fruits, the mangos : I love them ! So why not give a try. I will probably come back to Chicago the year after so I would be able to see again my friends...
I know that I am lucky and I have to take the opportunity to live this unforgettable experience...
And the best part : the whole family would be together during 1 year because dad won't travel alone ! The sailing boat is great and during the night, the water will rock me...
I am lucky and I am happy !"