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Kids interview

After more than 2 and 1/2 month leaving on a "floating house" let's see what the kids would like to say about their experience.
What do they like and what they don't like ?

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"On the boat, what is great is that dad is always with us. And during a good navigation, we sing and I like when we sing.
When we are mooring, we go a lot in the water. And I like the shower : we go in the sea, we put soap, we jump in the water and then we rince with water ???
I miss: my friends, the restaurants and the house.
I don't like when there are a lot of swells during the navigation and someone is vomiting.
I like when after school we can go visiting.
I like when we taste different things from different countries.
And when we have some adventures, I like to tell them.
We read a lot, that's good."

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"It is me vomiting. Mum is with me.
Dad is with a chocolate bar, he drives the boat and sings with Louise and Maël.
We are under a big black cloud. There are a lot of swells and rain."

Categorie voyage Maël

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"I tell you when you begin to write. Ok let's go !
So I think that it is great that after school you can jump in the water.
But I don't that during school you see the sea everywhere and, you see, ... I CANNOT PLONGE !!! It is too bad you.
And also, sometimes the school is boring...
I enjoy going up in the mast. Once I didn't want to come down.
And I don't like when we are on navigation for several days and the sea is rough, like from Rabat to... Madère. It was on the wind and there were a lot of swells, NOT COOL !!!
I don't like when we meet friends like Vaa Nui, and then they have to go... Too bad.
So I think I have finished.
Bye bye !"

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"My opinion ?
In three words : it is cool !
More detailed : the mangos, the sun, the heat (not too much), the beautiful water, some meetings, a different world from the usual one. An open world : different cultures, different persons, A DIFFERENT LIFE.

But there are not just good point, you have to know : to be seasick it doesn't feel good. And also were not just in vacation : we have school and on the boat there is always something to do (cleaning, repairing, washing the dishes...).
I miss my friends and my family too.
And also, when we leave here, we don't see our new friends anymore.

For nothing in this world I would stop this trip before the end.
I do something that not everybody is doing and I am proud of it !"