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April 2015 : US Virgin Islands

Les petites antilles

Les îles vierges

Categorie voyage USVI - 04/09/15 au 04/21/15

Le drapeau usvi

St Thomas 04/09/15 - 04/14/15

The navigation is great. We go back to our shift. Maël and Louise at the beginning of the night with their movie, then Loïc and Lolo.
In the morning we arrive in front of Charlotte Amalie in St Thomas.
We are tired so Maël makes some crepes with Lucie while we are resting.

Maël lit Lecture ds le cockpit Crepes

In the afternoon, we go in the town for the clearances, migration and visiting. We feel back in US with the food, the people, the smell, the traffic lights...
It is wird because the cars are like usual (with the wheel on the left side) but they are riding on the left side.
We also visit the fort.

Le taxi Ruelle Crepes Crepes

April 9th we go to Crown Bay Marina in order to pick up Nico, his brother and his parents the next morning.
It is our expensiest marina. We didn't expect to pay more than 140USD for a night...
We clean the boat, do some laundry and at night, the kids are happy with an american pizza !

Récurer Pizzas

Friday April 10th, with Nico and his family, we sail to Nazareth bay.
Every body is helping. But the conditions are pretty bad so after a while almost all of our guests are sick... POOR them !
Maël and Lucie are laying down and I am looking at the horizon...

Nico 1 Nico 2 Nico 3 Nico 4

We are mooring in Nazareth Bay. Tortles are coming next by to say hello !
After some resting time, everybody feel good again and we go to the bar and then to Nico's family appartment for a bbq.

Nico 5 Nico 5 Nico 6 Nico 7

The days after, in the morning it's school and at the end of the afternoon we meet with Nico and his family.
Loïc is trying to look like Tom Hanks in Cast Away like Alexandra said !

Bricolage Plage Dans la mer Loïc

From the appartment we have a great view on the bay.
Some guys are enjoying the jacuzzi !

Mariposa Baie Soirée Jacuzzi

After the brunch we say goodbye to Nico's family.
In the afternoon, we welcome the Faustos ! The 4 are coming to spend a week with us on the boat. Everybody is happy.

Arrivée Andy Arrivée filles Snorkeling filles Diner enfants

Quickly they learn our way of life.

Douches enfants Sophie et Lucie Camilla et Louise

St John 04/15/15 - 04/21/15

Wednesday April 15th, we sail to St John.
St John is a national park: no big hotels, it is a very wild place.

First we to the south-east of St John.
The navigation is good and we take a mooring buoy at Great Lameshur Bay. The kids are playing and the guys are trying to fish...
At night, reading time.

les 5 assis Préparation pêche Kayak à 5 Lecture

Then we go more east to stop in Salt Pond Bay. Andy is at the steering wheel and the girls are tchating.
Again the mooring is really quiet, we are just 2-3 boats.

Elles papotent A la barre Plage Dans l'eau

At night we have our own bartender and chef.

Bartender Pates

The day after we have a longer navigation to go back to the north-east side of St John.
We eat the breakfast with freshly backed bread while sailing.
We stop in Watermelon bay.

In the national park, we have to take a mooring buoy. And then like in the campings, the payment is done in a box.

Pain frais En navigation Les voiles Paiement

For lunch the guys caucht a lobster. Grilled in the oven and with some rice it's delicious !
Then a walk to an old sugar mill.
Meanwhile the kids are playing in the water.

Mariposa Fabrique canne Fenêtre coraux Les enfants

We still have a good time observing the fishes.

Banc de seiches Seiche Raie Poisson coffre

Poisson ange Poisson perroquet Raie Coraux

We follow our tour around St John island with a stop at Cinnamon Bay and then at Hawksnest Bay.

Faustos 1 Faustos 2 Faustos 3 Faustos 4

Faustos 5 Faustos 6 Faustos 7 Faustos 8

After leaving the Faustos in St Thomas, we go back to St John. We stop in the city in order to buy some food, find a wifi and walk around.

Cruz Bay 1 Cruz Bay 2 Cruz Bay 3 Cruz Bay 4