- Mariposa Voyage -

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We are in France France

We live in a small camping close to our boat for a few days in order to finish the preparation.

Categorie voyage Still work to do

We have to change some windows, some seals, check the cookware, change some lamps, clean the hull...
Photo of the window Photo of the window 2 Photo of the window 3 Photo of the polish

We need to check the work of the electrician and the mecanichs.

Categorie voyage Cleaning !

We rent an industrial vacuum in order to clean the boat and all the furniture.
Also we have to cut an additional mattress because we would like a little bit more comfort, and the shape is not square at all...

Photo of the mess Photo of the furniture Photo of the cleaning Photo of the mattress

A working day is from 8am to 6pm. We make a small break for the lunch time and at night we are really tired !

Categorie voyage In the water

It's time for the boat to go in the water.
With the renting car we can buy heavy stuff and fill the boat.
And the parents help us for the last preparations.

Photo du genois Photo de la mise à l'eau Photo mise à l'eau 2

Photo du ravitaillement en boites Photo du ravitaillement Photo du capot de la survie