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November 2014: Tenerife / Mindelo


Categorie voyage Canary Islands - Cape Vert

Sunday, November 9th 2014, around 3pm, we leave Méléos. They are waiting for a spare part of the motor. Poor them, they are already waiting for a long time. We hope they can come to join us here quickly.

A bientot

To reach Cabo Verde, it means 820 MN, so we think it would take us 7 or 8 days. Just outside the harbor, there are around 30 knots. It moves a lot. We take two reefs, and use the genoa. Direction Cape Verde. Fortunately after a few hours the wind decreases...

The broad reach wind allows us to arrive in 6 days.

Le trio

We begin 2 days with the spinnaker alone, then two days broad reach and finish with goose winged sails (butterfly sails).

The highlights were :

Categorie voyageMindelo Marina

First of all, Mindelo Marina atmosphere is different from the others.

The pontoons are floating and when the wind is blowing we move.
We also have to pay for water. We have a card which counts the number of liters we use at the pontoon or for the shower. We have to spare the water because the weather is really dry here.
For internet we have 250 MB (you can't download too much) and the connexion is not so good... Fortunately we can buy a 3G key so we can use some more internet and put some information on the website. At home it is so easy to sit on the coach and download some apps or photos!

We arrive at the same time with the ARC rallye. The harbor is full. Hopefully we have made a reservation for our space.
Saturday night a welcome party for the ARC is organized, we enjoy the typical music with a lot of drums.
Jacqueline and Terry tell us their navigation from Gran Canaria with 7 crew members on board. They have a tight schedule full of activities with diners, tours... And on Wednesday they have to leave for the Caribbean. But they have time to share a small glass of wine with us!
On Wednesday at midday it is strange when more than 50 boats leave at the same time!

Départ de l'Arc Ponton

Some boats leave, some arrive.
Some crew members join with backpacks ready to board on a sailboat.
We feel a lot of excitement, activity : everybody is doing something. Some are fixing, making small repairs, others are climbing at the mast... Some sails need to be sewed, a lot of bottles of water are loaded on board for the big jump...

It feels like living in a small village. People are talking to each other: where do you come from? where are you going? did you ever cross the atlantic before?...

Port 1 Port 1 Port 3 Ponton

One morning a new boat is mooring at our pontoon... it's Quincy III with Jack (grandpa Jack as the kids say) and Françoise, our neighbours from Rabat! They arrive from Hierro in the Canary Islands. It is funny to meet them here.
To help him with some verifications, Loïc climbs on Jacques' mast.

One evening, going to the shower, on the pontoon, we see a man with his mountain bike arriving on his boat. Loïc stops... looks closer... it is Hans, his ex big chief from Balzers when we were in Mexico!!! Incredible! Loïc knew Hans had a sailing project but to meet him at our pontoon... that's surprising! Next morning Hans comes with some croissants for our breakfast and another night he comes with his wife and his brother to talk a little of his circumnavigation.

Croissants Loïc au mat Bricolage Coloriage