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Mariposa A family adventure on a sailboat... but why ???

It is not always easy to explain when the question comes directly or not in a conversation.
Mid-life crisis ??? We are preparing this adventure for many many years so it is probably not the reason why. But timing seems perfect.
As inveterate nomads, the answer is most probably related to our passion for travel and discovery of new places, cultures and people.

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We have travelled since we were kids. We were lucky enough to have parents as passionate as we are, this is probably why we were "contaminated" very early by this "virus".
Slowly we realized that travelling to other countries only for holidays was not enough and we took the first job opportunity to move to another country.
Louise was 6 months old when we first moved to Mexico in 2001. Then we lived in Brazil and since 2010 in the USA in Chicago where we are preparing our new adventure !
Why sailing ? Perhaps the sea, the islands, be closer to the nature and also slowing down the time which goes faster and faster year after year, and also to find a freedom we only feel while sailing...
Arriving in a new unknown place by sea... That's a good feeling !
Following the first steps of the first sailors or adventurers who were fighting dangers and hard conditions everywhere and everytime to open new possibilities of land and business route : it's interesting to think about this part of the past !

But why travelling ? To learn, and also like african people say "people who don't travel, don't know where they feel good".
When we are asked which place or country was the best... it is hard for us to answer... Each place as interesting and pleasant sides, and also his difficulties. When we are openminded and we stop comparing everything with what we know, we realize that we can feel good almost everywhere. Each place, each city, if we open our eyes and pay attention as some interesting and good sides and other less...

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Travelling is understanding our world, and being more tolerant. It helps us to prepare our kids for the future.
Let's go for this new adventure which will change us and open more our eyes ;-) !

Mariposa And the kids, what are they thinking ?

A lot of people are asking us about the kids... So we asked them to give their opinion about our project... Here what they said !

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