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November 2014: Cape Verde

Le drapeau

Le Cap Vert

Categorie voyage São Vicente

Wednesday November 19th 2014, we decide to take an "aluguer" (a kind of taxi) with Pti Ket to visit São Vicente island, where we are.
The paved road goes until the fishermen village of Calhau. We cross the small valley, greener than Mindelo and with some crops.
Then we follow some incredible beaches : desert and with a beautiful color just before arriving at Salamansa. We walk around in the small village. We are very impressed to see the big queue at the well where people are filling all sort of tanks. Some children going to school are dressed with blue uniforms. One girl is selling some food. We buy some small breads with choriço. We continue our tour with a short walk to Monte Verde where we can admire a great view on some of the other Cape Verde islands and the bay of Mindelo. We finish our trip in front of the beach in Mindelo and we are lucky enough to see a big turtle swimming there.

Vue sur Mindelo

Route pavée Les cultures Plage Barques

Churrasqueira La fontaine Pain au chorizo Plage de lajinha

Vue sur les iles

Categorie voyage Aqui também se fala português

In Cape Verde, the official language is portuguese and the inhabitants speak also a local dialect : the creole of Cape Verde. We are also very surprised to hear a lot of people speaking french and from very different social classes. Cape Verde islands where discovered in 1456 by the portugueses and are independent since 1975. The atmosphere reminds us a lot Brazil. A lot of people meet in the streets, there is live music in the bars and several simple but great restaurants... Mindelo beach has also great colors.

Mindelo 5 Resto Pica Pau Mindelo 6 Lucie colorie

What can be better than fish BBQ with view on the sea aboard Phoenix IV The fish Loïc and Patrick bought at the market is excellent! For less than 3 Euros the Kg of Tuna for example, we really need to enjoy! It is for sure cheaper than fishing! (with all the equipment needed and the several lures we have lost...)

Poissons 2 Poissons 1 Barbecue 1 Barbecue 2

Categorie voyageSanto Antão

Tuesday 26th of November, we get up early this morning. With our backpack we take the ferry to Santo Antão.
Christine and Vincent with Gabrielle and Tristan from 44.com come with us the first day.

Sacs Ferry

First, the landscape is really dry like in São Vicente.
Then we see more and more trees.


The other side of the island is really green and different ! It has been a long time we haven't see green like that.

Route Paysage Cultures Dame

Jeu de cartes Dame 2 Barques Repas

Télé Balade

Maisons La vallée Maisons Parapluie

Fruit à pain Bananes Papayer

Cachupa Pickup

Visit of a school.
Ecole Ecole 2

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